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Wondering where your future lies?

You are now at a crossroads where you have to choose the right Temasek Polytechnic course for yourself.
Not sure which one it is? Take this two-minute, concise yet comprehensive personality quiz that will narrow down the course options to those that are more likely to suit you better.

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How do you learn best?

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I can usually anticipate the different outcomes of a situation.

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Which book interests you most?

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You turn up at a party full of strangers, but your friends have not arrived. You will...

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When I'm working on a new idea with a group of people:

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When buying a new phone, I lean towards:

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What do you take pride in?

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In your daily life, which do you prefer to do?

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When you're travelling on a road trip and you get lost, you:

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What do you do in your spare time?

This personality quiz serves only as a guide as to which TP diploma courses could be suitable for the participant. You are advised to also consider your personal interests and aptitudes in deciding on a course of study. Do visit the TP JAE Centre during the application period to consult our advisors for an optimal understanding of the courses offered and how they may be suitable for you.